General Information

General Sizing


To measure your ring size, place a thin piece of paper around your ring finger and cut the paper so that you form a ring that is a comfortable fit and can be eased over your knuckle. Do not overlap the ends of the paper. Remove the paper ring and simply measure the length of paper. If you do not know your size and would like to check, please ask and we will send you a ring sizer.


To measure the wrist, use a flexible measuring tape or ribbon. The tape should not be tight around the wrist; it should just touch. Measure just in front of the wrist bone and when then lay the tape near a ruler, noting the length in centimetres. This measurement will include the clasp as well.

General Women’s Sizes

Small 17.8cm
Small/ Medium 18.4cm
Medium 19cm
Medium/Large 19.7cm
Large 23cm and up

Length of chains

Chains come in a variety of sizes:
16″ Choker length
17-18″ At collarbone
20″ A few inches below collarbone
22″ At or above neckline
24″ Extend below the neckline
24-26″ Hangs at bust line