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Care of Jewellery

Sterling Silver and Maintenance Tips

Silver is usually very highly polished and maintaining this silver patina is very important to retain the beauty of the jewellery. You can find a few tips below on how to maintain your silver jewellery.

Pure silver is usually alloyed with other metals to increase its strength. Silver can be classified according to the amount of pure silver present – sterling silver contains 92.5% of pure silver. Silver will easily react with oxygen and moisture present in the air, forming a thin coating over the metal. This discolouration is called tarnish. It’s important that you remove it during the early stages to avoid permanent damage.

Removing tarnish from silver

For silver jewellery with no gemstones, rub your jewellery piece thoroughly with a silver polishing cloth, a silver dip or place in an ultrasonic bath.

Any sterling silver detailed as ‘satin’ should not be cleaned using a silver dip or placed in an ultrasonic bath. It should be washed in lukewarm water with a little natural soap solution. If the silver becomes discoloured, take a clean pencil eraser and gently rub the area until the satin finish is restored. If the piece contains semi precious stones, please ensure that you check whether these are suitable to be cleaned using water, as some precious stones are porous.

Preventing tarnish
  • Clean silver jewellery regularly with any phosphate free detergent.
  • Do not wear silver jewellery while showering or swimming.
  • Put jewellery on after your make up – this will reduce the contact with suntan lotions, hairsprays, body lotions and other chemicals.
  • Remove your silver jewellery before doing any exercise or household chores.
Storing silver jewellery

Silver should be wrapped in acid-free tissues and stored in a tarnish resistant cloth or polyethylene bags. Make sure that the polyethylene bags do not come in direct contact with silver.

To prevent scratches make sure you store the jewellery pieces separately or individually wrap in a silver polish cloth.

If you are at all uncertain about how to clean your silver jewellery, then please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to advise.