About Jane

Jane is a designer and maker of contemporary silver jewellery, with a true passion for designing and creating jewellery. She has been making jewellery for family and friends for the last ten years. She incorporates both precious and non-precious materials in her work and the range includes necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings and earrings. All pieces are handmade and can be adapted to your requirements. Bracelets and necklaces can be made in any wrist & neck size.

Jane Pinder Jewellery offers individuality, creativity and diversity using sterling silver with its appealing, crisp, white lustre. It can be attractively finished in a variety of ways: highly polished, matt, satin or oxidised. You will also find jewellery made from anodized aluminum and copper. Natural gemstones such as amethysts, agates, snowflake obsidian, rhodonite, labradorite or unusual glass beads are used with silver.

Jane studied silversmithing jewellery at her local college for five years. This was followed by further courses and specialised workshops although she is largely self taught, perfecting her technique through her designs.

Her work involves a synergy of creative ideas and techniques, with designs informed by the natural world and a childhood fascination for collecting shells, stones and fossils along with exploration of rock pools along the seashore. Her jewellery is inspired by fauna and flora, organic texture and natural landscapes. She works from her home workshop located on the Sussex coast, using traditional and non-traditional silversmithing techniques.

Inspiration also comes from the work of Antoni Gaudi who was influenced by forms of nature and this is reflected by the use of curved construction stones, twisted iron sculptures, and organic-like forms. Gaudi also adorned many of his buildings with coloured tiles arranged in mosaic patterns.

Inspiration also come from the work of one of Britain’s most important twentieth century artists Barbara Hepworth who created sculptures in bronze, stone and wood.

Jane has experimented with anticlastic raising using sinusoidal stakes and hammers and fold-forming – hammering and forging folded sheet metal, then opening out the piece to reveal the three-dimensional form. She is inspired by the work of Charles Lewton Brain.

Work on display
Jane has work on display in the Montague Gallery in Portland rd in Worthing. She also has an on-line shop on this website. Jane exhibits work at some of the local art trails in the area during the summer months and this year she will be at Steyning, Adur and Arundel.