All silver jewellery above the hall marking weight has been stamped by the London assay office with the traditional sterling silver marks and the one for the London assay office. My own personal sponsor mark is also added to each piece of jewellery.

Super seconds Saturday

Super second Saturday is an online event going live on October 2nd.

I will be selling sample pieces, end of ranges and overstocked items at reduced prices to make way for new ranges.

The event is organised by Sophie from Ink and Bear.

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The collection for 2019 was based on succulents. The pieces are in the main parts of succulent plants and found objects cast in sterling silver. It is an expansion from my poppy seed head pendant which has been a very popular piece. This is Jane’s favourite collection to date.

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Mixed Media

Alongside her silver jewellery Jane has created some mixed media pieces. These mainly an amalgam of textiles on resin or aluminium. Other creations feature transfer printed images on aluminium and hand dyed and printed anodised aluminium. Aluminium has also been used in some of Jane’s sculptural pieces as it is a soft and malleable metal to work with.

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Chain Miscellany

There is a large range of individual handmade chains made from sterling silver sheet and wire. Some have been hammered, patterned or flattened. Links have been twisted and shaped to create a pleasing look and there is a range of loop in loop chains. Some of these have been made with bigger links to create a three dimensional effect.

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The silver has been etched during this process, resist is applied to the silver in the form of an image. This layer is protected during the etching process and the area which has not been protected the layers of silver which have been exposed to chemicals are eaten away. Pendants and brooches have been made using this process. Sometimes after the etching process the surface of the silver is oxidised to bring out the detail of the piece.

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Flowers feature heavily the in the jewellery and they are all individually handmade and then made into pendants, earrings, rings and necklaces. The flowers usually have a pattern imprinted into the surface of the silver and stamens are added in the shape of wires with balled ends. Some of the smaller flowers and sprigs have a single stamen and some of the larger flowers have three stamen added. Sometimes a flat shape of flowers is cut out with a jewellers saw.

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Leaves feature quite heavily in number of pieces from sycamore, oak leaves to gingko leaves. An impression of the leaf is imprinted into the silver and the shape of the leaf cut out with a jewellers saw. Some of the leaves are in frames or curved up to give a more three dimensional form.

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Seed Heads and Pods

A range of hand formed seed heads have been individually created and made into necklaces, pendants and earrings. This range has a very sculptural form and creates a unique range of statement pieces or wearable art. ( There is a similar range created in the shape of buds)
Poppy seed heads have been sand cast to form a nice solid three dimensional shaped piece.

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Foreshore and Beyond

There has always been a small range of seahorse, shells and starfish jewellery which has been made by sand casting. For 2018 a new collection has been developed featuring charms of shells, starfish, long shells and ammonites. These have been made into pendants, necklaces and bracelets.

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Formed and Free formed

For 2018 a free formed collection has been created for scrap and re-cycled silver. The silver is heated and allowed to melt and form together, each piece is different and unique.

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I took a sculpture course at my local college for two years and made three dimensional forms with seed heads and a germination series. These have been made from plaster and a finish has been applied to finish the piece. Other pieces have been made from aluminium, mainly flowers and leaves and have been added to driftwood.

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